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Some training situations call for a different approach. We are often asked to train staff who are already highly experienced or who have a wide range of knowledge and experience. In these circumstances, traditional 'classroom' training can be the wrong approach. 

Classroom sales training, where the trainer is dictating the content and often the result, can cause dis-engagement among those more knowledgable staff. It can also cause less experienced team members to hide, to 'opt-out' of the training and allow their more senior colleagues to demonstrate their knowledge.

In these situations, our Sales Excellence Workshops are the best solution.

Instead of the classic training model, we create an environment where staff at all levels can contribute and benefit equally. During the sales workshops, we use teamwork methods to encourage the team to solve problems or create strategies collaboratively in a supportive environment. 

The training elements are introduced during the sales training workshops in such a way that enables the delegates to examine their value, discuss the alternative ways to implement and decide how the methods can be adapted to the benefit of their business.

This approach can often produce a much more bespoke result, giving the business strategies or methods which are fit for purpose within their trading environment, that have been designed by their own staff.

Sales Excellence Workshops can be designed for any of our training subjects, or can be built for the subject of your choice. the can be delivered anywhere in the UK, whether your here with us in the South West or elsewhere in the Country.

Key benefits of the Sales Excellence Workshops

  • Collaboration
  • Motivation across the team
  • Bespoke, fit for purpose results
  • Buy-in from the team
  • Faster implementation of strategies


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