Interim Sales Director Services

SureTrain provides Interim Sales Director Services, sales consultancy and sales growth advice in an effective, proven and flexible way enabling you choose from a range of services that suits the stage of your business. Our approach is to tailor our services exactly to your need in order to effectively target the key areas that will deliver sales growth. As a business and management consultant, specialising in the sales channel, we have a proven track record in delivering sales and profit growth to a wide range of companies.

There are multiple influences on the success of your sales plan and many businesses do not have a strategy in place in order to ensure that all of these influences are aligned and moving you forward to your goals.

You can engage SureTrain, to simply design your sales strategy in consultation with you or, you may wish us to help you with the implementation, driving your sales forward in partnership. 

Starting with an in-depth analysis of your sales activities, measurement, management, staff and motivation, among other areas, we will develop a strategy that is fit for purpose, delivers results, is easily measured and monitored and is flexible enough to cope with a changing commercial landscape.

We look for those areas that can be enhanced, rather than introducing wholesale change (unless this is completely necessary), building on those things that your business does well and developing the areas that will deliver sales growth and additional profit.

You will benefit from our independent, objective viewpoint and the experience of strategy consulting in many other sales environments and best practices that we can bring to your strategy. Often, an external look at your sales activities can highlight habits that have formed that may be holding you back and bring clarity to the future direction.

Key Benefits of the Consultant or Interim Sales Director Service

·  Objectivity.

·  Breadth of experience from multiple markets.

·  Focus and energy introduced to the sales programme.

·  Comprehensive measurement and management processes.

·  Analysis of your current control methods such as CRM, KPI’s and pay plans, recommending changes and enhancements where necessary.

·  Key milestones established for measuring success.

·  A robust and comprehensive strategy for the growth of your sales and profit.


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