Negotiation skills training

why do i need negotiation training?

I Often Have to Discount My Product or Service

If you find yourself offering discounts in order to close sales, then negotiation skills training can help you to reduce your discounting and increase profits

I Want To Sell On The Value Of My Product, Not Price

Negotiation Training will show you the right ways to sell the value of your product or service, rather than selling on price

I Deal With Customers Who Are Good At Negotiating

If your customers are generally good at negotiating, then you need to understand the techniques of a good negotiator, to help you to be effective in those markets

Tailored to You

All our sales training courses are tailored to your business, your team and your customers.

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negotiation skills training course objectives

Increase Profitability of Every Sale

Provide practical skills to add profit to your sales while maintaining sales volumes

Create Win/Win Negotiations

Successful negotiations create better client relationships through collaboration and win/win attitudes

Close More Sales, Create Loyalty

Great negotiation skills will help you to close more sales, at the right price, building loyalty from happy customers

RW - Clarity

Richard delivered this course for our experienced sales team. During the following 4 months, our average invoice value per unit went up by 23.39% and our unit sales increased by 8.69%, all compared to our results from the previous 12 months.

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negotiation training -what's in the course?

Our negotiation training course has brought increased profits and sales for many of our clients. It is a very effective programme, focussing on practical, useable skills that really do reduce discounting while increasing customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of the Programme

Increase margins by reducing discounting

Focus on selling value and creating loyalty

Increased sales person confidence through developing their negotiating skill set

Creating positive WIN/WIN scenarios with your clients

Negotiation Skills Training Course Content

Introduction to Negotiating

  • What is negotiating?  
  • Know when to negotiate and when to use alternatives  
  • Sources of power in negotiation  
  • Overcoming deadlock  
  • Timing 
  • Using a structure to negotiate

Preparation for Business Negotiation Skills  

  • Defining and prioritising your goals (Seller perspective, Customer perspective)  
  • Must get, intend to get and wish lists  
  • Identify and define concessions 
  • Gaining understanding  
  • Basic strategies and tactics  
  • Team negotiations  
  • The art of option and compromise

Negotiation Bargaining – How not to give it away  

  • Information, guarding, seeking and exchanging  
  • Active listening  
  • The dangers of weak arguments  
  • How to construct a good proposal  
  • Making and receiving proposals  
  • Counter proposals  
  • Trade, don’t concede  
  • The art of bargaining  
  • Closing the negotiation  
  • Johari’s Window – The Win / Win Principle


There is the option to add a second day to this negotiation skills course, bringing practical application to the programme.

Starting with a brief refresh on the previous day, we will utilise real negotiation scenarios that were created before the course and, bringing in their new skills, we role play each of the scenarios, helping your team to cement these skills, understand where the difficult areas lie and how a customer might react and to ensure they are properly prepared for real negotiations. 

Coaching will continue with the tutor as the practice sessions are played out, ensuring your people are continually improving throughout the process. These role plays can be video'd, if required.

Our clients have told us that this has proven to be a very valuable addition to the theory day, bringing a greater return on investment in less time.

Workshop Style

This very effective negotiation training course is run in a workshop style, rather than a typical classroom approach. 

This means that your team will learn together in a collaborative environment, where they are encouraged to interact, discuss, analyse situations and agree solutions and actions.

Real world scenarios can be prepared for use in the practical sessions of the course, leading to greater understanding among your team, of how they are going to implement their new negotiation skills.

All through the programme, they are coached and trained by the course leader who will provide the learning they need to achieve the goals of the course.

The key benefit of this approach is that your team will finish the programme with robust, actionable plans that completely fit your business and your customers, delivering a faster implementation and happier customers and team members.

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