Customer Service Training

Improve Internal and External Customer Service

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Business

Enhance Efficiency from Improved Communication

Tailored To You

All our courses are tailored to your business, your team and your customers

Customer service course objectives

To provide the key knowledge essential to delivering excellent customer service to both external and internal customers in all business environments

To provide practical skills aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales

To provide important skills in handling difficult customers, turning complaints in to opportunities

Richard was a great help to me and my team. He came along and ran a series of courses for us and helped to get the team working together well and delivering amazing customer service. I would certainly recommend Richard to potential clients. - R Burns - Amazing Events

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Customer Service - What's in the course?

This highly interactive, enjoyable and effective customer service training course is aimed at improving the internal and external customer service standards of any business.

Key Benefits of the Programme

  • Focussed on Both Internal and External Service Standards - your teamwork and efficiency benefit, as well as your customers!
  • Encourages customer loyalty
  • Creates repeat custom and word of mouth referrals
  • Reduces the cost of bringing in new customers 
  • Focuses the business on putting the customer at the heart of their activities
  • Gives your teams the confidence to provide great customer service
  • Maximises every opportunity to delight your customers
  • Motivates staff and creates better communication, bringing people together, working smarter for the benefit of all

Customer Service Course Content

Customer Service Essentials

  • Why do we need to deliver excellent customer service?
  • What is the definition of excellent customer service?
  • What do our customers want from us? - Behaviour, Attitude, knowledge
  • How do we make sure we deliver great customer service at all times?

Customer Communication Skills

  • The key steps to great customer communication
  • Effective questioning skills
  • Active listening
  • Forms of communication - Verbal and non verbal
  • Effective use of email communication

Handling Difficult Customers - Creating Delighted Customers in Tricky Situations

  • Why can customers become difficult?
  • When a customer is difficult or angry, what to they want or need from us?
  • How do we defuse the situation and focus on the solution?
  • Delivering the solution for the customer
  • Turning a complaint into a happy customer and generating opportunities

Course Length

Our customer service training courses can be tailored to the needs of your business. Typically, we run it over 1 day, with up to 15 delegates attending, however, a shorter version can be run over half a day, allowing you to split your staff between the sessions, enabling your business to continue to function effectively.

Workshop Style

This very effective customer service skills course is run in a workshop style, rather than a typical classroom approach. 

This means that your team will learn together in a collaborative environment, where they are encouraged to interact, discuss, analyse situations and agree solutions and actions.

All through the programme, they are coached and trained by the course leader who will provide the learning they need to achieve the goals of the course.

The key benefit of this approach is that your team will finish the programme with robust, actionable plans that completely fit your business and your customers, delivering a faster implementation and happier customers and team members.

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